Left For Dead

Aug 07, 2023

I was left for dead.

So yeah…

I’m making sure they see me living.

I say out loud what others think in their heads

I step up when others step back

I step in when fear says don’t

I speak up for me

I speak up for you

Courage isn’t something you have or have not

It’s a weapon you use to arm yourself with relentless resilience, bold authenticity and confident confidence.

Courage is an act

A service. A skill set. A behavior. A habit. A pattern. A ritual. A rhythm. A practice. A love you cherish. A hunger you nourish.

It is a way of life for me.

Without it I would be dead.

Rejected. Dismissed. Overlooked. Forgotten. Laughed at. Mocked. Pitied. Talked down to. Ignored. Put off. 

Again and again and again.

But I never took their rapid-fire no's as a finality for my outcome.

I fought to make them listen

To make them hear

To make them see

To make them stop and stare until they could never forget me.

I was left for dead

So yeah…

I stand up

I stand out

I speak up

I step out

And I will fight like hell until everyone who comes into contact with me bleeds and breathes Courage through and through every damn day.

You’ve got to fight for your future self. 

Don’t live quietly while you are dying.

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