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Growing Sunflowers May 26, 2024

I bought sunflower seeds for 74 cents two months ago

They came with easy no-kill-anyone-can-do-this directions

firmly telling me I had a limited...

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Waiting on You Mar 07, 2023

For the person waiting on...

The right time

More money

A proposal

Kids to go back to school

Kids to go to college

A better job

A medical test


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Dancing with the Devil Mar 07, 2023

I remember when I couldn't say his name.
Uttering the word just seemed odd
made it weird
and unreal
Like he was just some made up monster talked...

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Top 10 Tips for Living a Relentless Life For Better Mar 07, 2023

I hate rules. 

I am the FIRST to say let’s break them. Find a way around them. 

BUT, in all my breaking 


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