Waiting on You

mental fitness Mar 07, 2023

For the person waiting on...

The right time

More money

A proposal

Kids to go back to school

Kids to go to college

A better job

A medical test

For someone to come back home

For someone to apologize

For someone to approve

For someone else to make the first move...

YOU are really just waiting on YOU.

A few years ago, I told this to a coach of mine- that I was waiting on something to happen before I...

That I needed THE WAIT to be over and HAVE what I was waiting for so I could be more strong, more secure, more powerful, and more sure. AND that when this was WAS finally over and I had what I was waiting for, well then, I would be able to act and perform and move on the other thing I had set my eyes on. 

His response... 

If you know that the other thing that you are so sure about is going to happen eventually, one day, and surely... then why do you need to wait on this one thing that isn't happening before you start yours? And what if that thing you're waiting on, never comes- how long would you have delayed your own thing?

He got me. 

I had no answer. No excuse. No response worthy of his questioning. That if I believed IT would truly happen- then WHY put the rest of my life on hold? Why not move now? Why NOT work in the wait? Why wrestle in the antsy nature of rocking back and forth on it? If it was to come to pass, wouldn't it? And wouldn't everything else be coming together simultaneously and harmoniously together as I started stepping into it? Looking back, I see my naivety now. My insecurity and my limitations I placed on and in my life while I was waiting on something or someone else to change my life for me. To make MORE happen FOR me. To improve me. To fill me. To be the missing piece that would connect me to all my dreams. Trusting your own faith. Believing in your own ability. Trusting God. Using your gift and talents to persevere through the wait- is all a talent in itself. A talent worthy of practicing and failing at- until you get it right. And THAT means stepping into it anyways. It means acting in the role before the wait is over. It is a DOING during the process of all the waiting. That IT would BE anyways, eventually, and maybe even possible suddenly, BUT only if you, we, I, kept up pace with our lives as we waited incessantly on IT to catch up. Ironically, the key to speeding up the process of all the other things we are waiting on to come to pass at exactly the right time- is in the doing of our OWN living and dreaming and pursuing. Because when you start acting with an expectant heart and an expectant mindset that it- whatever IT is for you- has happened, will happen, is happening- YOU carry yourself differently. More boldly. More competent in your own abilities. More confident in the wait. And suddenly, YOU realize you are not waiting any LONGER because you are actually moving forward into whatever has been waiting on YOU. And that THING you wanted so badly, that THING you were waiting on, that you just couldn't move on anything else until IT happened- well you'll find it finally waving at you in the near distance greeting you with a smile and open arms- meeting you halfway in your now new space.


YOU will have gone so far beyond IT, that YOU forgot what you were waiting for and no longer need it, want it, or will ever be waiting on it again. 

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