Soul Mates

May 18, 2024

I think there are soul mates that find each other
disrupt each other
break each other
and fall apart with each other.

I think there are soul mates that love each other in wild dreams and rough waters but drown each other in the smooth parts of a regular normal boring monotonous day.

I think there are soul mates that spend eternity searching for each other in someone else in an eager earnest attempt to relive the moments of when they swore they would never ever walk away from the one mate that couldn’t for the life of them make them stay.

I think there are soul mates that breathe in the hope of stumbling upon each other again
one day
could it please be today.

I think there are soul mates that would wait forever for another chance to cross paths exchange secret stares and walk away for real that time that day.

I think there are soul mates that die a little alive living in their once was used to be reality but now hopelessly romantic never again imaginations of yesterday.

I think it’s a painful soul searching to have found that mate
used that mate
loved that mate
lived a short life with that mate
lost that mate and yearn to be again endlessly embraced by that mate.

I think it’s a tragic necessary hard blow to our inability to understand the desperate departure, second guessing separation and unyielding wishing for a way to continue their souls meeting because they might just get to keep each other this day.

I think it’s a romantic hopeful hurting and healing all at the same time for those souls to experience meeting in one lifetime
And longing to meet again
love again
torment again
and entangle themselves up again in the next lifetime.

I think there are soul mates loving like that out there.

Your soul.
My soul.
His soul.
Her soul.

I think there are souls out there living in a magical world in the air we will never see.

And I think it’s a beautiful breakdown of becoming whole for our souls would suffer far more in the unknowing of the soul meant for the purposing of preparing our hearts for all the ache and awe life brings.

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