The Edge…Where the Woman on the Brink of a Breakthrough Stands.

May 18, 2024

The Edge.

I can see her standing there on the edge of the cliff
Her toes touching the hard rock
Curled down
Clinched tight.

I imagine her feeling their jagged points and uneven curves digging deep into her flesh.

I see her trembling
Pacing in her head and heart
Her hands wringing.

I see her wanting
I see her wondering
Yet, she remains waiting.

I see her right there
Seconds away from jumping
From going all in
Letting go
Living free.

I see her ahead in my mind

though she stands there yet still
Anticipating the cold water rushing over her head
Swallowing her fear
Her doubt
Her unease
And comforting her in its arms of dark blue vastness as she sinks quickly beneath its surface.

I see her on the Edge
Of greatness
Of joy
Of peace of mind.

I see her on the Edge
Of brilliance
Of creativity
Of power from releasing chains that clutch a precious place she no longer needs to remain.

I see her on the Edge of

So close to what she wants
What she dreams
What she thinks
What she breathes.

I see her in the after
Walking with greatness
With impact
With wise words.

I see her in the after
Walking with influence of really living alive and free.

And I feel her love of her openness to dive in without a life jacket, safety net or any attachment to what she used to be not knowing where she is going, but certain she will take on the full journey.

I see her after
So much so I wish she could see what I see after she accepts the Edge is her entry into her definition of being free.


All of sudden

In a blink


She wiggles her toes
Lifts her heels
Sways side to side and rocks up and down.

Then she’s gone.

A ghost.

No more contemplating whether or not she can.

She just is.

She didn’t announce it
Look back
Or even count down from three.

She took to the Edge
And plunged into a private conversation with the free fall in between meeting the soothing sea.

I imagine she popped up smiling
Wiping the water from her brow
Glowing and gleaming and grinning all over her face

But I left before all that took place.

I saw what I needed to see
while she was standing
On the Edge
Of everything she ever believed.

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