The Price of Cost

Aug 30, 2023

Two Things that MIGHT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE to Someone Today.

WHAT IF we thought about the word COST differently?

Often, we think of this small but mighty word in terms of Dollars. Time. Energy. Even Attention. We definitely think…what I will have to pay? What is my price?

First Thought.

WHAT IF you are the answer to a Cost someone else has?

WHAT IF someone else has the answer to your Cost?
Would that not be enough to listen to the voice that says THE COST is worth it then?
Second Thought.

WHAT IF the cost is the difference in the permission to BE THE HELP someone else needs… Or WHAT IF the cost is the permission for you getting the help you need?
You never know if YOUR COST will change everything for someone else or for yourself unless you pay it.

Either way.

Wouldn’t you say THE COST then becomes a gift we either give or receive rather than a price we pay?
I hope this helps you make decisions today that cost you nothing but joy, happiness and freedom for whomever needs it in your life.

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