Why Do We Wait Until It's Too Late?

Aug 07, 2023

Why do we wait until it’s too late?

Until our back is up against the wall

Until the doctor says so

Until the bill is past due

Until the credit card is maxed out

Until we are bleeding on the inside dried up and empty and all out of energy

Why do wait until the conversation has to be hard

Until the distance and time passed is just too much so we cower in isolation and brush it all under a worn out well used up rug

Why do we wait until it’s absolutely no other way necessary

Until it’s a life altering requirement

Which feels like an impossible insurmountable task that eats you alive gladly taking your breath away on a silver platter of defeat

Why don’t we start now

Why don’t we think ahead

Before danger and despair win

And bully us into more of the most secret of our sins

Why don’t we desire to be proactive

Get a good head start

Stock up on our strength

Our stamina

and build a robust supply source of good ole fashion elbow grease zip tie tenacity

Why don’t we foresee the obvious instead of plowing full force ahead down paths leading us backwards and nowhere and all sorts of in between Certainly not the imagined place we had had in our heads

Why do we wait to see the blinding necessary impending need

Then last-minute beg and plead hoping cheap Band-Aids will be suffice to handle the mess we made because we let it grow weeds in our beliefs

Why do we wait until it’s too late?

I think we’re just naïve to think it’ll pass us by and just keep going

Until the next time

Is the time

it’s officially and finally and irrevocably too late…

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