You Are Not the Exception to the Rule

Aug 07, 2023

You are Not the Exception to the Rule.

I know you think you are, but you’re not so stop the one-way dirt road thinking that is causing you more harm than good.

You know that voice inside you belittling your best potential’s unleashing and unveiling…softly screaming at you to stay inside your head???

You can do it all on your own

or it will never happen (for you) at all…

You will just work harder

or you will just quit

because it hasn’t happened yet…

One more won’t hurt or one day seems so far away…

Either way that bullet train of nonsense is bullying your beautiful brain.

What’s the point
It’s just a little
or it’s all too much

What can it hurt
How can it really help

I’m far too gone

or I’ve got all this figured out - I don’t need nobody else’s stinking two cents.

But YOU…

are not the exception to the rule.

Stop thinking you are so special God won’t work for you
Your problem is too big
Your mind is too small
You are NOT the exception to the rule

The stress and pressure and excess will only keep piling on the pounds of anger and depression and guilt

deafening your self-worth, self-esteem, self-respect and self-everything eventually degrading your development to new decibels of great regret

While discouragement and complaint and victimhood impatiently stand by waiting to dig in deeper damaging the debt in your body and the debt in your shame

dragging you down into the darkness of your despair and all your egotistical mistakes

You are so far from the exception
So please quit resisting your release

Move your ego aside
Put it back on the shelf
Go grab hold of hope and help and healing instead
It’s far more relevant than the so called exception you protect

Raise your hand
Answer the call
Ask for help
Invest in yourself

Pick up the book
Do the work
Phone a simple friend

Put down the all the hopes and wishes and memories

Go Kneel or go stand
Raise your head and set your eyes on Him

There you’ll find your peace
Your protection
and your provision

Your every ounce of guaranteed proof YOU are not the exception to the rule but the very reason God created it.

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